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It depends on what you want done. A flexible liner install will be completed in under one day, a wood burner or solid fuel stove will take a whole day and installations also involving hearths, fireplaces and opening up a blocked off chimney may need 3 or 4 visits.

How long does a woodburner installation take?

Any Questions?

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If we need to undertake building work such as rendering, plastering, repointing or removal of bricks there is likely to be some dust, however we will be as tidy as we can and bring our own dust sheets to protect your furniture and flooring.

Will it be messy?

If you would like us to purchase your woodburning stove for you, then we will ask for a deposit in advance that covers the cost of the stove. This protects us in case you should change your mind before the install date and saves you from waiting in for delivery of the stove at your home address.

Do I need to pay anything up front?

We will itemise the works that we will undertake in your quotation. There is always the possibililty however that once on the roof we notice that some extra maintenance may be needed on the chimney. If the state of the chimney stack is so poor that we cannot continue we will discuss with you immediately as how best to proceed.

Will there be any surprise costs?

Do I need to make a decision straight away?

Of course not, our quotation will last for three months, so that you have time to properly consider what you want and if necessary save up.

How much will I save by getting a wood burner?

I have not yet received my quote

We aim to get your quotation out to you by email within three days. If you have waited more than three days then check your junk mail folder, if it is not there then contact us and let us know so that we can quickly sort it out.

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There are many big name companies out there that have spent years establishing their brand and name. These brands make a wealth of information available to you over the internet and have good realtionship with stockists so that you are able to view their stoves in showrooms before buying them.

What are the advantages of buying a brand name?

Steel heats up faster than cast-iron but cast-iron holds and radiates the heat for longer. There is no hard and fast rule of thumb here, the choice is yours. Some manufacturers are not producing a mix of the two to provide customers with a quick 'fix' of heat whilst waiting for the full unit to heat up.

What's best cast iron or a steel stove?

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What do the words mean, eg cowl, slips or hearth?

What Building Regs do I need to consider?

The Building Regulations were updated in 2010 at which point Woodburning Stoves previously installed were highly likely not to meet safety standards. You might find that your chimney sweep condemns your installation and you may need to undertake work to bring it back up to standard.Take a look at this approved document on www.gov.uk

What can I burn in a Smoke Controlled Area

If you live in a Smoke Controlled Area then you can only burn smokeless fuels such as

anthracite, semi-anthracite or low volatile steam coal in your multi fuel stove unless you buy an exempt appliance. You are only allowed to burn the fuel recommended by the manufacturer. Check out www.gov.uk for more information

As it is easier to heat the rooms that you use rather than the whole house with a wood burner, and burning wood costs 1.5p less per kilowatt hour than gas, it is likely you will save a lot. It is estimated that an average household could save over £300 per year in heating bills by installing a wood burning stove

We have tried to explain as much of the technical jargon in our website as possible. We would never include something in your quote that you did not need. Visit our questions page for more jargon and terminology explained - More about Slips and Hearths


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Will you fit what I buy?

I don't have a chimney opening

Modern chimneys tend to have liners built into them and so could save you the cost of having a liner fitted. Older properties however do not and in both cases the integrity of the brickwork will need checking by carrying out a smoke test, before deciding either way. This can take up to two hours depending on the size of your property and is chargable.

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Do I need a flexible liner?

Unfortunately we no longer this service. We buy our parts and materials from trusted suppliers which carry warrantees lasting from 5 to 35 years depending on the product. Because of this we do not like to use unknown products as they can be difficult to install and / or could be of substandard quality. Also, if we were to damage it accidentally whilst installing we would not be able to replace it without charge

If your chimney opening has been bricked up or boarded over, we can open this up as part of your installation. If you do not have a chimney at all then you can consider having a twin wall installation, using insulated twin walled stainless steel pipe.

What heat output should I buy?

Nordpeis Bergen Woodburner

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Most rooms can be heated by a 5kW stove but if your room is larger than average you will need a larger kilowatt stove. However buying a stove that makes the room too hot will be uncomfortable and you may have to have extra building works if there is not enough air flow or draw to feed the flames with oxygen. To work out what you need take a look at this article on the Stovax website.

Efficiency is important to consider when choosing between a log burner and an open fire. Virtually any stove you can buy will be an improvement. Over 85% of the heat generated by an open fire disappears out of the chimney and you will go through logs very quickly. Stoves differ between models but most are between 70% & 85% efficient, so more heat and less logs used.

Stoves need space around them for aire flow, so dont plan to fill the entire chimney opening. there needs to be a gap. Each manufacturer will recommend a different sized gap and this information can be hard to find so make sure that you measure the space accurately and when you have a shortlist check with the manufacturers specifications.

What's the biggest stove I can have?

Why does 'efficiency' matter?