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After a while your woodburner will need a little bit of care and attention. Not keeping on top of things will mean that you won't get as much heat out of the fuel that you put into the fire and will spend more money than necessary on keeping warm. 


The main problems that occur are;

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Stove Pipe not sealed

Stove Pipe needs resealing

The pipe that comes out of the top of your stove is likely to be connected to a stainless steel flexible liner inside your chimney if it was installed to Building Regulations, or to clay / pumice liner blocks or twin wall stainless steel pipes if you do not have a chimney.


When you use your woodburner, the fire cement that seals this pipe, heats and cools and gets shaken about when the door opens and closes. After a while it needs replacing. If smoke is coming out of this seal into the room, stop using the fire immediately. 


Contact us to arrange a chimney sweep to fix your stove pipe seal or book a sweep online now. Fix it yourself by visiting our online shop and purchasing a tub of fire cement

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Fire bricks crumbling

Fire brick liners are damaged

The inside of your stove is lined with vermiculite board, sometimes known as a stove liner. These are fireproof and help keep the heat in to keep the fire burning. Sometimes they crack and can be repaired with a small amount of fire cement to keep them burning for a while longer.


A good chimney sweep can sell you fire cement, just ask when booking or purchase from our online shop. If the bricks have deteriorated too much, then you can order new ones from the stove manufacturer or have bespoke bricks made onsite. Contact us to arrange a visit or to buy some fire cement.

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Problems with the stove body

Door is loose or hard to open

The door on your stove has a busy life and occasionally can move around on its hinges or the handle can work its way loose. Usually a soft brush can get rid of any build up of soot or twigs that may be obsructing the bolts or hinges and WD40 is a great lubricant to help you tighten any handle mechanism. It may be that the door's rope seal needs replacing. Watch out though the door is likely to be heavy and dirty. It's not usually an expensive repair but if too much air is getting into the stove then it will be burning fuel faster than necessary. Send us an email if you'd like us to fix it for you.

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Damaged or Cracked Glass

Replace Your Woodburner Glass

The glass in the door of your woodburner or multifuel stove is similar to the top of a electric ceramic hob. It is designed to withstand very high temperatures, and to have minimal expansion during heating and cooling. Unfortunately after a while it can crack or break.


If this happens do not use your stove until it's fixed.


New glass can sometimes be bought online, but sometimes has to be cut specially. Be careful when fitting it yourself, if it is too tight then this could create stress which may lead to cracking or breaking. Call us on 01462 431910 to get your ceramic glass repaired.

Smoke in your room

Alarm going off?

Woodburners and multifuel stoves are not designed to be used with the door open. If you do this, smoke is likely to come back into your room and set off the CO alarm.


In some rare cases you may experience unique atmospheric weather conditions which set your chimney in reverse. If this happens often, you may need to fit an anti-downdraft cowl but in most cases the conditions change and are gone the next day.


However if your door is closed but the chimney or flue is blocked somehow, then the smoke won't be able to exit through the flue. The only place left to go is out through the air controls or the door seals.
You should immediately close all the air controls to put the fire out. Do NOT open the door. Do not throw water on the fire.


Ventilate the room well until the smoke has cleared and then call a chimney sweep to take a look at the stove. If you don't have a Carbon Monoxide (CO) detector visit our shop online. 

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Tar in Woodburner

Tar Problem

Tar on the glass, stove pipe inside or outside of the burner is incredibly difficult to get off and is very flammable. Burning freshly cut wood that has not been let to dry out for two years will cause tar to deposit in your woodburner, stove pipe,cowl and liner. It could cause a chimney fire and you may need to replace the whole installation. Tar on the glass is very hard to get off. Mild cases can be removed with stove glass cleaner which can be bought in our online shop.

Your chimney sweep will be able to tell if something is not right with your woodburner installation. For most people a regular annual sweep is enough, but if you are a regular user of your woodburner or multifuel stove it is recommended that you have your chimney or flue swept more often.


Take a look at our FAQ page for more information and visit our sister company's website to book your sweep in advance to avoid disappointment at busy times of the year.

Look after your wood burner
Stove pipe needs re-sealing
Check your wood burner for wear and tear
Door is stuck
Broken Glass allows fumes to escape
Only burn seasoned wood on your wood burner

Controls are hard to move or stuck

The air sliders control how hot your stove is burning. Over time they can become clogged with soot, ash or twigs so give them a regular brush over. If they get too stiff to open, first check that they don't have a screw mechanism that just needs to be untightened before calling us or emailing gareth@chimneysweep.info




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