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Keep warm this Winter

Our winters are getting more and more miserable, the Whooper swans are now visiting from Russia each year and whether it's the rain, ice or snow that you are escaping from, you can keep warm and save money; burning wood or coal rather than gas or electric. 

A typical installation usually takes place over three days. If you are keeping your old hearth then this can be reduced to two days and one if the builders opening is already formed. It differs from house to house and stove to stove. The only real way to get an accurate idea of how much installing a log burner will cost is to get an engineer round to complete a survey.


Using a HETAS registered engineer means that you do not need to apply for planning permission or have your installation checked by Building Control.

Installing a log burner?

"Love love the new log burner" - Les from Weston

Step by Step

Find the right log burner

There are thousands of different stoves out there so in order to narrow down your search, you will need to know

  • The size of your builders opening. If it's boarded over it might be wise to choose your stove after you have it excavated. Remember to leave a gap for air flow. [check the stove manual]

  • The stove output needed to heat the room. Depending on the airtight-ness of your room/ house you may need to alter your working out but generally multiply Room Length (m) by Width (m) by Height (m). Then divide by 12. The average living room needs a 5kW stove. Stoves over 5kW need an air vent in the room. Stove Output Calculator

  • What you plan to burn; wood only or wood and solid fuels. You may need to buy extra kit to convert to solid fuels (multi-fuel kit). Wood burning only stoves need sweeping more often.

  • Where you live. If you live in a Smokeless Zone then purchase a DEFRA approved or Smoke Exempt stove. Sometimes this is an extra cost. If you will be burning smokeless fuel opt for a 904 grade liner.

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Popular Stoves

What do our customers use?

We have installed over 150 stoves in the last few years and 27 stoves for our customers in the last year alone. The most popular that are still in production are;

  1. Hamlet Solution 5 ECO (s4) - 5kW

  2. Mazona Ripley 4 ECO - 4kW

  3. Arada Ecoburn 5kW

These are all free-standing stoves and can be installed into a fireplace with chimney or on a twin-wall system installation. We also have installed many inset stoves, please look at our woodburner portfolio page for more details.

Please note that if we purchase the stove for you, it will come with a free stove-pipe thermometer. This gives you a visual reminder of how hot your stove is burning and helps you to avoid under-burning and over-burning, both of which are damaging to the stove and the flue. [top]

"Thank you the fireplace looks amazing"  - Paul in Arlesey

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Hamlet Solution 5 (s4)

Our customers' No.1 stove

Recently redesigned to meet the stringent SIA standard; this smart and robust stove retails just under the £600 mark and is highly efficient when it comes to fuel usage. Suitable for Smoke Exempt areas, comes in non-smoker paint with an external riddling grate. For spare parts visit here or contact us for a quote.


Size: 519mm x 551mm x 387mm

Output: 5kW

Fuel: Wood or Coal [no extra kit needed]

Smoke: DEFRA approved stove


SIA Ready: Yes [Starts 2022 - Visit SIA website]

Boiler: No [Cannot be added to your central heating system]

Material: Steel

Rating: A+ (Wood) E (Solid Fuel)


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DEFRA log burner installs

“Thank you for going the extra mile installing our log burner” – Mrs T in Hertfordshire

Mazona Ripley
Arada Ecoburn Widescreen
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Cleaner Air

SIA Ecodesign Ready Scheme

This is the European-wide programme to lower emissions in the air. It is due to come into force in the UK in 2022. The main manufacturers in the SIA (Stove Industry Alliance) decided to release logburners and mulitfuel stoves that met the lower emission limits six years early and many are now on the market.

Ecodesign Ready stoves produce 90% less emissions than open fires and 84% less than a stove bought ten years ago. After 2022 it will not be possible to buy a wood, coal or logburner that is not SIA Ecodesign Ready and it is possible, that in the further future, burners may be tested for emissions like vehicles currently are and, condemned if they do not meet the standard.

In order to qualify for the SIA Ecodesign label a stove has to have met the emissions criteria for Ecodesign and verified by HETAS. Appliances already qualified can be found on the HETAS website. These stoves are currently more expensive than others but prices are expected to drop as demand grows. Look for the SIA logo when choosing your wood-stove or log burner.




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Tips on installing a log burner
Purchase a Stove Pipe Thermometer
Stock photo from manufacturer of Beltane Chew Multifuel Stove
Stove Industry Alliance logo

No.2 Best-selling stove

This stove has been really popular recently with our customers. It has a lovely large screen to view the fire and is a fantastic price for an Eco-design ready stove. For the smaller cottage-style room 4.5 kW is more than enough and currently retails around the £270 mark. It is also available in a 5kW version.


Size: 380mm x 487mm x 292mm

Output: 4.5kW

Fuel: Wood or Coal [no extra kit needed]

Smoke: Can be used in Smokeless Zones


SIA Ready: Yes [Starts 2022 - Visit SIA website]

Boiler: No [Cannot be added to your central heating system]

Material: Steel

Efficiency: 79.2% 


Our third Best-selling stove

This stove previously made by Aarrow and not Arada is a classic and has a lovely wide screen and a lifetime guarantee. It is currently retailing around the £850 mark. It also has an optional log-store and is available in different colours, different kW outputs, gas and inset versions. There is also an SIA Eco-design ready version. More about Arada


Size: 541mm x 600mm x 365mm

Output: 4.9kW

Fuel: Wood or Coal [no extra kit needed]

Smoke: Can be used in Smoke Controlled Areas


SIA Ready: Not this model but version is available [Visit SIA website]

Boiler: Yes [2kW clip on boiler is available]

Material: Steel

Efficiency: 79.3% [similar to SAI Ecodesign stoves]